Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 23 & 24 update

This morning, I woke up and the electricity was still on, so I rushed to the coffee maker to make some coffee because you never know when the electricity will go off... as soon as I pushed the "on" button, the electricity went OFF!!! I wanted to cry! It is now 2:20 p.m. and I finally get to have my coffee. :)

Yesterday, Saturday, June 23 - I trained what was supposed to be the final group of women to make the frisbees, but will have one more group on Monday. What happened is that one lady who was supposed to come on Thursday never showed up, then she came on Saturday. Another one had left early on Thursday and did not come back on Friday. Both showed up expecting to be part of the Saturday group. I told them that they knew that I could not work with too many women at the same time and that is why they were in groups... I told them they would have to come back on Monday.

Three other ladies who came on Saturday just could not get it right. The problem (with two of them) is that you have to count single crochet 3, double crochet 1; then you repeat that 6 times. In the next round you single crochet 4, double crochet 1; then you repeat that 6 times. Well, these two ladies never attended school and were just not able to count to 3. I am not making this up. We tried so hard. After 7 hours, they were still on the first round, trying to get 3 single crochet and 1 double crochet - repeat 6 times.

One other lady crochet really "wonky" for a lack of other words and could not get it to look even at all. This is weird because she crochet the bags really pretty.

These three ladies, I told to come back one more time on Monday to try. If they still don't get it, I am afraid that they won't be able to help with the frisbees.  There were some tears, but I cannot do it any other way. It hurts my heart too. It is not like they are "kicked out" but they cannot crochet and earn money with the frisbees and later on with the little dispenser bags. It involves counting and this is an order by the ZOOM ROOM (the dog training franchise) that awarded us the contract for these items.

All the ladies have told me that they want to learn how to knit. I told them that I did not have any knitting needles but if they could find some, I would gladly show them. I told them that in Peru, people use bicycle spokes to knit. Then we had a good laugh because we said that probably, there will be a slew of bicycle spokes disappearing in the next few days... :)

Please see our facebook page for photos from yesterday's group....

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