Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 21 & 22 - Haiti update

Okay! We have Internet! I bought a little antenna and it even works with my MacBook! However, it is pay as you go, so I do not know how long it lasts before I have to recharge it.
Mary Ann - all the women were asking for you and they were sad that you are not here. They send you hugs and kisses.
The good news is that the container that was shipped with yarn in it has cleared customs and I am able to pick up the yarn. I picked up the three boxes of Red Heart Yarn that I had purchased to make frisbees and bags, yesterday. We did not have enough room for the other 6 boxes…but will pick them up later.
June 21 - I met with all the women and told them who could work on the frisbees and dog poop bag dispensers. They understood that this is a real contract and that only the top 20 could work on it. I told them that every women will get to make 10 frisbees, because we need 200.
I decided to work on finishing all the frisbees, then teach them how to do the dispensers, etc. I worked with 6 women yesterday, 5 more are coming today, the rest will come on Saturday. I figured that this would make it less hectic. It took about 2 hours and a few froggings for them to understand the pattern for the frisbees. But, I got 5 really pretty finished frisbees by the end of the day and most of them had started on a second frisbee. Cleanne Blaise had a really difficult time with the frisbee, but after about 4 hours of trying, she finally got it. She is the only one who did not finish her frisbee, but she only has three more rows to go. I teased her that it was because she went out dancing last night with her boyfriend. She got a good giggle out of that one (for all of you who don’t know her, she is almost 70 years old).
June 22 - Here is the link of photos that I took/were taken of us working yesterday & today. I uploaded them on the facebook page; here the LINK
We have 20 finished (BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT) frisbees. It takes the ladies a long time to learn something new, and they are not too good at counting…LOL… but once they get it, they are off to the races (so to speak).
Tomorrow, I have about 10 more ladies coming to learn how to crochet the frisbees.
I had another great day… everybody keeps asking for Mary Ann. What am I? Peanuts? LOL
I told the ladies that we won’t be making bags this time unless there are some more bags sold in the U.S. and Mary Ann can send that money. The ladies are excited about the frisbees and the dispensers (excited that we got a store contract for those). After that, earrings!
Mary Ann - I will post results of who is doing good tomorrow or over the weekend. A couple ladies “washed out” crocheting those frisbees. Cleanne Blaise is really quite sick. I crochet two frisbees myself and put her name on them for her. She did not come today. She needs some prayers, being almost 70 is not easy in Haiti!

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