Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video Link

I am back in the U.S. - Since I have a better internet connection now, I posted 16 short videos on to You Tube. 

I am not a professional video producers, but I hope that the videos will give you an idea of what the Fanm pou Fanm Haiti Crochet Project does and who the women are that earn a livelihood through the project.

Here are a sample of photos that you can also find on our Facebook page (photo albums):

We payed for 22 children to start school for the 2012/2013 school year 
We will need additional funds to pay the 2nd trimester & 3rd trimester school fees. But, the children have the 1st trimester paid for, received funds to pay for uniforms, books and other school materials. 
We crochet 150 doggy-poop-bag-dispensers for the Zoom Room 

We crochet 208 frisbees for the Zoom Room 
We crochet beautiful earrings! $10/pair

We crochet some additional frisbees for sale, $5 each.
We crochet pot holders to be sold at $10/pair
I taught the ladies how to crochet some items that they can sell locally

They really liked these head covers - hope that they can sell lots!
I taught the ladies to make different types of hats they can sell locally.
Johnny made another one of his (now) famous crochet bags
We distributed about 100 little girls' dresses (made of pillow cases)
We distributed about 100 pairs of flip-flop sandals

We helped support the children's feeding program. 
Approx. 50 children get fed twice per day, at breakfast & at lunch. We want to be able to help more here. 

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  1. Have heard nothing about the project since this. Has it discontinued?